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Snowboard & Ski Rental Software

If you have the right ski and snowboard rental software, then your customers will be out in the cold – where they belong! No one wants to stand in line to pick up the planks when there’s fresh snow out there. Plus, with those jackets, hats, and coats, waiting for their rentals just makes them hot and cranky. Speed things up and get them sliding faster with Rentrax Rental Software.

Ski and Snowboard Rental Software
Customer Friendly End to End Ski and Snowboard Rental Software Solution

Customer-Friendly End-to-End Ski and Snowboard Rental Software Solution

We make things easy for your customers. A better experience for customers means better reviews, recommendations, and repeat customers. A quick link on your website takes them to a booking page to arrange their winter sports equipment rental. Skis, poles, boots, or boards — you can populate the interface with whatever you’d like to make available for customers.

Didn’t plan ahead? You can also place orders by phone or when they walk in. Once they arrive, it’s a quick review of their rental, a digital signature for the waiver, and the security deposit. Then they’re off for a fun day in the snow! We can even arrange for lift tickets to be part of their package and keep a record of their rental for their next visit, saving them even more time! Keep in touch with them via email or SMS, and after the rental is over the software will send an automatic request for a review of your service. This is the perfect way to combine rental software with your marketing efforts. If you rent more than just skis and snowboards, you may also like to read about the advantages of our bike rental software and our camping equipment rental software.

Easy For Your Customers, Easy For You!

Our snowboard and ski rental software removes the headache of managing your business. Online booking, order entry, payment processing, inventory management, maintenance scheduling, and financial reporting all of it is handled through our software. No more paper to lose, no more records to track down; it’s all stored in your personal account online, accessible from anywhere. We’ve got tons of features, and we are adding more all the time.

Rental Software Solutions
Free Rental Software vs. Rentrax Rental Software

Free Ski & Snowboard Rental Software vs. Rentrax Rental Software

You can try free rental software for your winter sports rental business, but you really do get what you pay for. We know because we tried it, and a bunch of others as well. That’s why we built the Rentrax system. It’s easy to use, tracks all the important information you need and saves you time, money, and stress. At some point, it has to be your turn to get out on the slopes too!

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