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Software for Recreation Rental Businesses

Need to manage your recreation rental business like a pro? Our online point-of-rental software could be the holy grail of success for your company! Streamline and simplify sales, inventory management, maintenance needs, and scheduling tasks – all in one reliable place. Even better? It’s accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Customizable and designed by experienced professionals specifically for other recreational companies looking to make their lives easier and grow quickly – you can connect easily with accounting systems while providing customers with unbeatable experiences that will take revenue sky-high!

Best Rental Software Solution for Any Rental Business


Recreation Rental Software Solutions

Make life a lot easier and get your recreation business up to speed with our point-of-rental software. Rentrax enables you to stay on top of everything, from scheduling appointments and keeping tabs on inventory management – all through one convenient platform that’s available wherever there’s internet access! Our fully customizable program is made for rental companies by an experienced team, so no matter what kind of niche area you specialize in, this revolutionary system will give your customers the smooth experience they deserve while helping maximize profits at the same time.

Whether you’re pulling kayaks out of the lake, setting up camping tours in Colorado, or renting jet skis on an island, our rental software has your back. It’ll keep everything neatly organized and accessible no matter where life takes you – so managing inventory may be a challenge for some businesses; with us, it’s as easy as catching waves! And because every recreation business is unique, we made sure to design this system from scratch specifically for them – customizing stock control like never before and connecting directly to accounting systems too. The world might have challenges – but running a successful rental business doesn’t need to be one of them! To find out more, please get in touch or schedule a demo.

Bike and Scooter Rental Software

Bike and Scooter Rental

From your website, they can book their bike, or bikes, plus anything else they need.

Ski and Snowboard Rental Software

Ski and Snowboard Rental

Skis, poles, boots, or boards, you populate the interface for them to book.

Water Sports Rental Software

Water Sports Rentals

With our software, it’s easy for your customers to book ahead of time, or on the time.

Motorized Equipment Rental Software

Motorcycle Equipment

Our software makes it easier for your customers. They can book online, by phone, or in person.

Camping Equipment Rental Software

Camping Equipment

With a few clicks, they can review your inventory and reserve what they will need.


Vehicle Rental

For managing a wide range of different vehicle rentals including Motorcycle, car rentals, …

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