Cloud-based medical equipment maintenance, inventory tracking, and rental software

Medical Equipment Rental Software

Rentrax has put a lot of work into developing our rental software for the medical equipment sector. While we started out in bicycle rentals, we quickly discovered that the unique software system we had created could be personalized for the medical equipment rental industry. There are too many features of our software to list everything here, but we’ll cover some of the most valuable software features for medical equipment rental companies. If you’d like to learn more, you can take a look at all of our rental software features or you can schedule a free software demo or get in touch to ask us questions directly. 

Some key features of our medical equipment rental software:

★ Configure software for long-term rentals, weekly and monthly rentals
★ Set automatic billing for long-term medical rentals
★ Set flexible pricing outside of fixed daily rental rates
★ Easily sell used equipment, tracking when it has earned out of its initial investment

Medical & Mobility Equipment Rental Software
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Medical Equipment Maintenance and Inventory Tracking Software

Rentrax is more than a mere rental management software service; it is a powerful collection of digital tools specifically designed to make it easier (and more profitable) for specific rental sectors to function. For medical equipment, our maintenance system allows you to easily monitor when how different equipment has been serviced, allowing you to maintain the highest possible standards while also flagging when equipment is past its best and ready to be sold. Our inventory tracking function is perfect for medical devices of all sizes, permutations, and functions as you can easily personalize the system to suit your specific equipment’s features. Rentrax’s recurring invoice feature is also ideal for the medical industry, making your monthly finance tasks as easy as possible. 

Medical Equipment Software That Works for your Customers

The various functions we’ve developed for our software not only make it easier for business owners and managers, but they also make it easier for your customers too. There are many reasons for this, including an easy-to-use SKU-based system that allows you to present as much variety and choice as you can to your customers, and facilitate complex online medical equipment rental orders, all completely automated. This allows your website to generate revenue 24/7. Our rental software lets you manage your medical equipment rental business while Rentrax takes care of all your software needs.

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